There is no Crypto Currency without a Crypto Community!

Coinxview is an API-based crypto asset data company offering the best-in-class market data APIs to organizational crypto investors. We provide detailed information on real-time feeds of crypto coins from the leading crypto market tracker. Our API includes all the live prices and historical data for all metrics across all supported currencies and overall market metrics.

Our Vision

Coinxview aims to bring transparency to cryptocurrency investing by providing investors with much-needed transparency in crypto investments.We believe in empowering investors to make a conscious decision before investing big in the crypto market.

Our Business

Coinxview perfectly understands and acknowledges the fact that the crypto community drives cryptocurrency. One of the fundamental principles of the establishment of Coinxview revolves around providing community insights and our attempt to enhance cryptocurrency research for investors, exchanges, and funds. It is highly effective in simplifying crypto investing by reducing the research time and providing an adaptive and engaging user experience. Our business model works incredibly in unraveling social intelligence and providing a comprehensive view of the crypto market.Furthermore, we pay utmost attention to our crypto investor’s requirements and provide timely quality cryptocurrency data.

Our Values

Highly effective& Smooth Communication:

At Coinxview, we take absolute precision in articulating our ideas for the ultimate benefit to our business model. We believe in crystal-clear transparency in our process and what we are trying to do. We listen to our people and strive to understand before reacting while maintaining calmness and clear thinking no matter how stressful the situation becomes. Not just that, we share information openly and proactively as our colleagues get candid feedback for their hard work.


We always welcome a new idea and a different perspective that helps bring positive change. We tend to minimize complexity in our approach towards work and always care to find time to simplify. If we come across a difficult problem, we conceptualize issues to find viable solutions.


No matter how alarming or insignificant a problem may seem, at Coinxview, we don't believe in suppressing an issue at any cost. Instead, we tend to find the root cause of the problem, challenge assumptions and strive to develop efficient solutions. We approach a problem with a positive mindset and make wise decisions despite uncertainties. We like to take intuition into account, use data to develop a plan, think strategically, and make decisions based on our long-term goals.


We are always in search of some of the great ideas for the betterment of our business. At Coinxview, our goals and valuable investors matter as much as our department and its resources.


Coinxview is as genuine, transparent, straightforward, and non-political to its people as it gets! We believe in admitting mistakes and apologize freely and openly. This workplace culture helps us in treating people with respect, regardless of their position or profile.

Our Customers

As per the estimates, over 70% of our clients are hedge funds, development teams, and organizational investors. Our clients tend to categorize high-fidelity data and support availability around their crypto-related data requirements. Our market data APIs and well-tailored digital asset exchange trading information offer outstanding features, documentation, and support to our customers.