Popular Services Benefitting from Coinxview Data Market APIs

Coinxview is trusted by the leading cryptocurrency wallet companies, decentralized finance, block explorers, and data aggregators. Some key cryptocurrency asset investors include TREZOR, METAMASK, Curve, Chainlink, Balancer, BitGo, Etherscan, BLOCKCHAIR, DappRadar, ZERION, kyber network, TRUST WALLET, ELECTRUM, imToken, CoinExplorer, and the list goes on.

Let’s see what these trusted industry leaders have to say about Coinxview.

The Coinxview data market APIs are a set of valuable and trustworthy data sources that investors can use not only to enhance their existing apps but also to develop advanced crypto market apps. What's even more astonishing is their team that is always responsive to feedback. When we contacted them, they quickly implemented our inputs into their API services.

Matthew Tan, CEO Etherscan

In the cryptocurrency business, our customers expect us to provide the best services. And by best services, I mean everything from streaming crypto pricing, crypto price charts showing various time differences, and providing hundreds and thousands of data points in a hassle-free & secure means. That’s exactly why MEW uses Coinxview. It’s the best in the cryptospace for different types of crypto pricing API needs.

Kosala, CEO, MyEtherwallet

No wonder why Coinxview has been one of the favorites in the crypto universe. Their APIs have been fantastic in driving huge improvements for MyCrypto.com. Because there are only a few reliable sources of this information, Coinxview is easily leading the crypto API business. Its data is comprehensive and fairly easy to implement.

Taylor Monahan, CEO, MyCrypto